Why You Should Wait To Buy A PS5… From Someone Who Has One

Let me start off by saying the PS5 is amazing and I haven’t been experiencing any of the bugs other users have been going through, like a Rest Mode bug that wouldn’t let the controller charge even if connected. The main reason I’m telling you that you should wait for whatever PS5 Slim or Pro that will follow the PS5, is the storage. Having only 825 to start with, and then take off a about a hundred or so for the U.I. and other things already pre-loaded onto the system and you’re at 667 gigabytes, which in today’s climate of games isn’t too much. If you want to download and play big AAA games like Warzone and Cyberpunk, that drops in the next coming days, you’re going to have to pick and chose what stays and what gets deleted to make space. One thing I will commend about the PS5 is the amount of time it takes to fully download and install games. I remember with the PS4, after finally waiting an hour or two for a 100+ gigabyte game to download, only to forget there’s this thing called copying… so add on another hour or two to be generous. With the PS5 you’re going to be so relieved by how fast games are installed with the custom SSD built for the system. I started downloading multiple games once I got the machine, and to my surprise many of them were done within a 2 or 3 hour period. So the PS5 roughly increased game downloads and more importantly installs, by 2 or 3 times.

Dualshock 4 and Dualsense size comparison.

I think most people should sit out for the potential PS5 Slim or Pro that comes out in the future, you’re most likely going to get more storage for your buck and won’t have too much to worry about when storing your games. While some might opt for the hard drive anyway, Sony’s been proving difficult like they usually are with external storage. For most people I think they just want to upgrade to have the latest and greatest, hey that’s why I wanted it. I had to have the PS4 at launch and I used mine for almost 7 or 8 years before I upgraded to a Pro. Now with a PS5 it feels exciting to play a console again, and thank whoever designed the fan for the PS5 because this thing makes zero noise. I have to remind myself that the sound of the fan in the room is from an actual desk fan and not the Playstation, and I’m playing the same games that the PS4 Pro would scream trying to run. I am far too familiar with the jet engine that is the Pro, so I’m going to see if the PS5 is quiet while playing Warzone, but I don’t have enough storage for it…

One of the coolest and most notable differences people are going to see and more importantly feel, is the PS5’s new controller. The Dualsense is one of the most comfortable controllers I’ve used from any console, even over the 360 controller, and I can tell why many people thought why the DualShock 4 was too small. The new haptic feedback the Dualsense comes with is the main reason I think people should buy a PS5. Compared to the Xbox Series X, the progress made by Sony this generation on its controller is too much of a difference than the slight edge the Series X has on paper to justify buying just a more powerful Xbox. Granted Microsoft does have Gamepass, but Sony is rumored to have an answer to it, something other than PS Plus or PS Now, and that gives me hope that Playstation is going to widen it’s lead against the Xbox like the PS4 did in the early days of its release.

Regardless of what console you’re going to get. You’re going to get an amazing machine. Enjoy it and make some memories with your friends. If you’re in the market for a new console, I highly recommend the PS5, you’re getting a lot with the controller and the spec difference on paper hasn’t really been panning out with multiple instances of the PS5 having better a frame rate for multiple games. This generation of games is going to be amazing no matter what system you’re on, and with more games supporting cross console play, there’s no reason not to destroy those barriers and let everyone have fun together.

Leave a comment of what console you’re looking to get this generation, and how long you’re trying to wait before you get your hands on one! Stay safe.

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