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Why YOU Should Decide For Yourself About Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 finally releases in under 48 hours for many places around the world. The highly anticipated RPG has been living in the minds of gamers everywhere, including myself. Having pre-ordered the game for let’s say review purposes, I thought to myself, “Damn I didn’t need a single review to pursuade me from buying this game.” Unlike when I was researching Godfall, a PS5 exclusive launch title which really seemed like play like a melee weapon focused version of Destiny. After seeing some initial reviews and watching the game getting consistent six or seven out of ten ratings, I wasn’t completelly sold on Godfall, so I didn’t buy it. I was influenced by someone else’s opinion of a game I never played. Did it save me money on a game i might not have liked that much? Probably.

With Cyberpunk 2077, we’re offered an expansive and vast new universe to play in, and with a recent Q&A with a dev from CD Project Red indicating a single playthrough could possibly take you longer than 175 hours, you’re sure to get your moneys worth out of this game no matter which way you decide to play. However I hope that if you ARE out there debating on whether or not to buy the game when it comes out December 10th, based on a review you saw that gave the game a lower number than you though, I hope you make that decision all your own. I know it’s the job of the reviewer to inform the person before they buy something so they can save you from buying a game you thought you wanted. When it comes to Cyberpunk the reviewers are telling us there’s multiple drasically different endings, with an IGN reviewer finishing the game in 20 hours. The IGN review goes into detail about how even one different decision that two different players made, created two different scenarios for them where certain missions were available to one and not the other, because they had or hadn’t made the same choice.

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re in the market for a new game, I think this is a great choice if you love RPG’s. The game is set in a great environment and has a plethera of customization features ready at your disposal. Night City might not be without it’s bugs either, so if you’re looking for a smoother experience as a whole, maybe wait on buying the game for a few weeks or months and see how the progress goes! This is the same development company that created the Witcher, and that game was taken care of beautifully, so I trust CD Project Red with my $60. I just hope they don’t blow it.

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