Cyberpunk 2077: The Review To End All Reviews

There’s always one game slated to release every year that turns out to be a dissapointment. Some recent examples of this might include Anthem, No Man’s Sky (at launch), and now Cyberpunk 2077. CD Project Red has tried to be as transparent as possible with the community post-launch of their AAA game. However it seems that it’s one thing after another for Cyberpunk.

With expectations set astronomically high pre launch, everyone who waited and kept waiting even after delays hindered the game from being released in April. A whole extra year to develop a game that had promised so much, not that bad of a trade off for a better finished product right? Well the first thing that went wrong for CD Project Red was the fact that after the game was delayed again, in September, the company ordered all their workers to work six-day weeks, working far more than 40 hours a week in some cases. In the gaming industry this is commonly reffered to as crunch, where the game’s studio has their workers cram in as much work as possible on their game in order to finish. Many in the industry frown upon this practice, even myself. If you’re only solution to meet a deadline is to have your workers spare their time off to come in and work, maybe the game should’ve been delayed. And that’s just my first reason it should’ve been delayed.

Graphic performance on PS4 and Xbox One often looked like this at times.

CDPR openly apologized following the release of Cyberpunk, as thousands of customers playing on PS4 and Xbox One X consoles were reporting terrible graphics around Night City, glitches, clipping, and game crashes. But those problems haven’t just occured on current-gen consoles, even for myself, playing on a PS5 hasn’t been the smoothest. I’ve had several game crashes, and instances of characters doing random things within the game that make it impossible to move forward or even leave the area I was in. To me this feels like playing on an Alpha version of a game, it’s not even remotely close to promising the experience promised back at E3 2018.

CDPR’s Apology Post Launch

Now there are things about Cyberpunk 2077 that I enjoy, the gunplay has been exciting and being able to incorporate cyber abilities into that mix makes for creative and exciting ways to take out enemies. Melee weapons haven’t been the most exciting to use, although I was able to find the Mantis Blades and being able to leap and impale your enemies, lift them up and throw them down on the ground in brutal fashion really never gets old. The interactions that V can have with those you can have conversations with is also another favorite part of the game for me, the options feel more akin to Fall Out: New Vegas with several options that can lead your journey down different paths.

Some other random gripes I had with the game would include the driving, the minimap scale, and overall smoothness of the game itself. To start with the driving, no matter what car I seem to use the acceleration is the weakest out of any game I’ve ever played. It’s not really that much fun to hop in your car and drive all the way across town. Another reason driving isn’t my favorite is because the mini map is way too zoomed in to the point where I can’t see where I’m turning until it’s too late. To top it all off, the overall performance and smoothness of Cyberpunk just isn’t there. It really reminds me of an RPG made for the early days of the PS4 era. A part of me knows this game should’ve been a next gen exclusive, rather than try and promise performance on a seven year old console. Which CDPR acknowledged, because they hadn’t shown any footage of Cyberpunk on PS4 or Xbox One at all.

Even within the past few days Sony PULLED CYBERPUNK OFF the Playstation Store, and I honestly think that was the right thing to do. With so many people upset already, it makes sense for the company to pull the game off it’s shelves and wait for the developers to fix their issues first. CDPR basically pulled up and dropped a game they knew wasn’t built for the current generation of consoles, and now they’re taking the heat for it. Their stock price dropped sharply following the negative feedback from the community and now Sony and Microsoft are offering refunds to unhappy customers. This is something I’ve never seen before in the games community, and something I’m not sure has ever happened before.

Here’s my final verdict on Cyberpunk. Is it worth picking up right now… honestly, if you’ve got anything less than a next-gen console or a high end PC that can actually run the game how it was intended, you need to wait until CDPR fixes their issues and comes up with fixes to their problems. But for now, even on next-gen hardware, the game is sometimes unbearable to play, with constant crashes often killing the momentum you built within the game. Often forcing me off the game and onto something else because it’s easier than waiting for the game to crash again. The game isn’t ready yet, and you shouldn’t waste your money if you haven’t bought the game yet. [Sidenote, I was just forced to force close the game because I couldn’t press O to exit out of the settings menu.]

As a functioning game, I can’t put this any higher than a 5 or a very soft 6. I’ve honestly been priveleged to play on a PS5 because I see things that are happening on PS4 and I really feel bad that CDPR pulled the wool over our eyes, but more specifically current-gen console users. I’d say playing on a PS5 bumped my experience up to a soft 7.

5 -PS4 & Xbox One

6 -PS5 & XSX

10 – For Bugs

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