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Wizard of Legend is your next grind.

I was scrolling the “Best Value” section of the Nintendo e-shop this past week and stumbled upon a complete gem, a game that was on sale for $6, and managed to make me pick up my Switch and spend quite a bit of time digging deeper into the game. “Wizard of Legend” is a game you need to play if you’re a sucker for high speed close combat fighting. The combat system comprises of multiple the many elements like fire, water, electric, earth, wind, and chaos. The name of the game is defeat all the enemies in your way, with mini bosses at the end of every stage. Culminating your way to the boss room, each of which have their own elemental master.

This game is no joke either, enemies don’t give you a break and efficient combat is rewarded by simply staying alive and keeping HP. Collecting gold, which you can spend at certain shops around the trials. Speaking of which there’s always going to be four shops around the dungeon, each with a color coded portal that will transport you either back to the start or to the final boss area when you’ve discovered it. Probably the best shop is through the green portal, and there’s a valuable health potion the shopkeep sells for 100 gold, along side four other items they sell which give you certain buffs towards different aspects of the game. There’s a shop where you can upgrade the moves you already have and buy new ones you can use to help you on your run. Have too much gold? A merchant will trade you all their chaos gems for all the gold you have obtained til that point (don’t worry you can always get more.) But watch out for those cursed items my spooky guy be selling you. While they may give you a boost in a certain area, there’s going to be drawbacks. So throughout the dungeon run you can build and tweak your wizard however you’d like. An emphasis on basic attacks? Sure. You want your special bar to fill up faster and never decay? Yeah, try that too. Wizard of Legend has many elements as well, fire moves with the ability to burn, water moves with more hybrid offense/defence aspects, and earth moves that provide solid defense or overpowering attacks. Electric moves are probably one of my favorites to use at the moment, with rings of lightning you can throw and stun enemies, or use thunder strike, which has you leap into the air and fly back down striking the ground with force to knock back enemies. The final type of moves are of a different element, chaos. And the only way to unlock these moves are to beat the entire game, all 10 levels, without dying. Which means if you want everything, you’re going to have to grind, and grind proficciently at that. There are so many different ways to build and tweak your wizard with countless spells and abilities, I found myself changing moves run after run, trying to find a perfect set of abilities I was comfortable with. I found with moves I knew would combo well together, took me further into the Chaos Trials.

Wizard of Legend is probably the most intense game I’ve played in a long time too. I wouldn’t say this game is hard, but you can defiinietly get overwhelmed by the different types of elemental enemies and by falling off the occasional ledge or two. It’s also very easy to get hit by a random projectile so you might find yourself losing more health than you’d like. I’m going to attatch a trailer so you can see how crazy the combat can get and just watch how FAST everything can move when you’ve perfected your moveset. Plus the developers at Contingent99 have kept up with the game, with free updates that have added so many new items into the game, from new cloaks, new abilities, and new items. For a game around $15, it’s well worth that price mainly because I haven’t completed a single chaos trial, and each new trial is different from the last, so forget trying to memorize layouts. I’ve still gotta collect all those chaos moves, so it’s going to be a while. If the game isn’t on sale for your console it might be around $15, but honestly for that price, if you liked what you saw in the trailer you’re going to get absorbed by this game, I one of my roomates hooked on it and now we all have our own copies of the game. If fast close quarters combat with sick combos excites, and grinding doesn’t bother you when it means you can use some of the coolest moves in the game, Wizard of Legend is your next grind, and for the price, a pretty affordable one. Props to everyone who’s worked on this game.

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