Godzilla vs Kong: I’m Glad It Exists!

When Godzilla vs. Kong was first announced, I was definitely excited for two of the heaviest hitters in all of movie history to throw some serious hands. So throughout the first half of the movie the only thing on my mind was, alright when are these guys going to throw down? In the beginning, as is with all other three installments in the Monsterverse, we’re introduced to what are essentially three different sets of human characters. The first being the scientists that study Kong, the second include a conspiracy theorist Bernie Hayes, played by Brian Tyree Henry, and Millie Bobby Brown who plays Madison Russell from “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” along with her friend that provided some (underwhelming at times) comedic relief. The last group is the new Corporate Organization craving the power of the Kaiju, Apex Cybernetics. Their goal, to harness the power of the ancient monsters for “the protection of mankind”. While I enjoyed some human interactions throughout the movie, there were scenes that made me question why they decided to focus on the humans for as long as they did, when they ultimately aren’t doing much to advance the plot. Which seems to be the case most times when it comes to movies like these, it’s always been clear that the Monsters are the ones the audience stays for.

Godzilla vs. Kong Underwater Fight

Kong and Godzilla meet multiple times throughout the movie and each time you could feel like either one of them was in danger. These two are depicted throughout the movie as ancient rivals who have fought over the centuries. Many of the fight scenes really impressed me with how far each fight was willing to go. For instance in the ocean fight, Godzilla often held the advantage because of his ability to breathe underwater, but that didn’t stop Kong from finding his own way out of trouble, even if it meant getting help from the humans. While approaching the end of the movie, the winner between the two Gods is clear, which is something the director Adam Wingard stated before the film’s release would happen. I think the final fight between Godzilla and Kong is fit for the build up this movie has generated.

Overall, I thought this movie was a fantastic turn your brain off and enjoy the action type movie, which could have benefited some from cutting out some of the human’s time and giving it to the monsters. I would have liked to see some solo scenes of Godzilla in this movie, but maybe that’s just my bias because I wanted him to win. If you’ve got HBO Max I would definitely recommend watching this before it leaves at the end of April. It’s a great movie for fans of the Godzilla Universe of characters, and I’m just glad it exists. I’m seriously considering a binge of all four movies now because of how much I enjoyed Godzilla vs. Kong.

Godzilla rampaging through Hong Kong

RATING: 8/10

I tried to keep this review relatively short, mainly because I wanted to post something. It’s been a while since the last one and I really just want to get something out there, and I’m working on a more consistent posting schedule. Thank you to all the new and current followers!

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